Funding and donations

The financing sources of the Foundation are provided by donations, sponsorships and dividends.

The financial documents for account justification are permanently available to be consulted by the sponsors and the legal authorities.

The donations focused on some projects helping the disadvantaged people are not made public.

Certain projects (cultural, scientific, educational etc.), supported by contributions specifically targeted, can be made public in some media forms.

The dividends come from packages of shares donated to the foundation as definitive.

For donations, please use the EUXINUS Foundation accounts:

RO11BRMA0999100047682480 (USD)
RO11BRMA0999100047682383 (Euro)
RO27BRMA0700089789900000 (RON)

Accounts opened at Banca Româneasca S.A. - S.M.B.
Telex: 12480 BROM
Reuters: BROM01

Fiscal Registration Code: R9915007

 Euxinus Foundation