The Institute for Memory and Identity – “Vechea Europă” (“Old Europe”)


The Institute for Memory and Identity stands for being a framework for a scientific debate through which we can outline and ground our European roots, emphasizing the things that bind and structure us in the same time.

In these times of identity crisis, the historical arguments force us to take into consideration our real positioning in time and space. The need of constant remembrance, essential for our cultural and moral survival, helped us choose the right formula for our approach.

Ongoing projects:

The Cultural Project “The Traditional Library” (Iasi, Bucharest)

The Project has two main components. The first one, involves turning into digital format the informational database regarding the traditional culture and provides an electronic facility for analyzing the data.

The second component aims to structure some fundamental bibliographies in order to provide help, especially for the youth, by implementing a selection and classification tool, necessary for understanding the European and Romanian anthropological and cultural landmarks.

The Research Project “Freedom and Identity” (Bucharest)

Scientific program, anthropological and sociological in the same time, this project aims to identify the configuration and the dominant landmarks of the community mentality, set around the concept of freedom, in the context of the contemporary society.

It represents the updating follow-up of a project that focused at the beginning on the analysis of the pre-modern society.

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